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Maxime Collins has built a decade-long track record of excellence in translation, revision, and proofreading.

His mission? To offer you a simple, consistent and efficient translation and revision process in order to enhance the quality of your writing and ensure the right message is communicated to your customers and the public at large!

By leveraging his extensive translation, revision, and proofreading experience, he has helped multiple businesses in Québec and beyond stand out from the competition. His services have consistently created and continue to create great value for private companies, advertising, marketing, and communications agencies, translation firms, and players in the financial, banking, and real estate sectors.

Knowing from experience how critical high-quality and timely communications are to a company’s reputation and success, Maxime delivers first-rate work and quick turnarounds. By doing so, he also builds trust, loyalty, and productive partnerships.

In April 2021, Maxime took the next step in his professional development and started his own agency. Today, Maxime Collins Inc. brings together a team of seasoned specialists to provide you with expert translation, revision, and proofreading services that meet your needs. What’s more, all your projects benefit from additional quality assurance – at no extra charge.

Doing business with Maxime Collins Inc. means you get an accurate assessment of your content and in-depth feedback as part of a friendly and open-minded working relationship. Above all, it means you get the word out on your ideas, services, and achievements quickly, efficiently, and compellingly!

Catherine Germain

In 2022, Maxime Collins Inc. welcomed certified translator Catherine Germain to the team. She brings more than 12 years of translation and revision experience in marketing, HR, and general web content, having worked for clients like Google as well as food-sector leaders such as Kellogg’s, Nestlé, and General Mills. Catherine can be relied on to produce stellar work and leverage her expertise in inclusive writing, women’s rights, and issues related to 2ELGBTQI+ communities. At Maxime Collins Inc., she is also involved in developing new corporate guidelines that help the agency meet its commitments to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Janie Carmel

In October 2023, we were pleased to have Janie Carmel join the team. Janie is a certified translator with nearly 10 years of experience in translation and revision, including six years with KPMG Canada. Throughout her career, she has managed wide-ranging content, including marketing, communications, HR, and IT in varied sectors such as retail, healthcare, financial services, and infrastructure. In 2020, she earned a certificate in public relations from Université de Montréal. More recently, she also founded a company in the food industry. She looks forward to putting her newly acquired knowledge to work for the agency. 


















Please note that all revision and proofreading services are available on a comparative basis in both French and English or in either language separately. Translation services are available from English to French and from French to English. It’s also possible to add an inclusive writing option to your project (charges may apply). We also offer professional assessment services, including full and summary audit reports, to gauge the quality of the content produced by your personnel, freelancers, and clients.


– Sales sheets
– Guides, survey questionnaires, and reports
– Calls for tenders and bids
– Investment brochures
– Training content (including online courses)
– Press releases
– Internal documents
– Social media posts
– Promotional materials
– Newsletters
– Insurance documents

Translation and Post-editing

– Translation (per-word rates)
– Dedicated freelance team
– Quality assurance included
– Post-editing
– Context match (CM)
– 100% match verification
– Alignment
– Canadian, U.S., and U.K. English
– Inclusive writing
– Video transcription
– Live interpretation (simultaneous FR-EN or EN-FR interpretation by videoconference)


– Pre-print packaging
– Reports and financial statements
– Digital advertising
– Technical documents
– Public brochures
– Employee guides
– Internal customer systems
– Video subtitles
– Audio recordings

Web check

– Online sites
– Offline sites
– Social networks
– Product catalogues
– Bug reports
– Interactive analyses
– Copy deck alignment


– Exhaustive proofing (syntax)
– Proofing for spelling, typos, and punctuation
– Rewrites and enhancements
– Layout check
– Interactive proofing for web content

Software and Tools

– Trados Studio (2023)
– Adobe Acrobat Pro
– Adobe DC/Adobe XD
– Microsoft Office Suite
– MultiTerm/LogiTerm
– Keynote Live
– memoQ
– Proof HQ
– DeepL Pro
– Smartling


McGill University
Master’s, French Language and Literature
Professional writing
Aix-Marseille University
Licence (1 year) Modern Languages
Final grade: A+
(8 courses)
Université du Québec à Montréal
Bachelor, Literature
French literature
Cégep André-Laurendeau
DCS in Arts, Literature and Communication
Literature Profile


May 2021
Accélération 20K
Administrative and
Business Management Training
December 2020
Editors Canada
Les anglicismes au Québec :
Une question de variation
(Anglicisms in Quebec:
A question of variation)
October 2017
Editors Canada
Correction d’épreuves :
Le point final de la révision 
The final stage of review)
April 2014
Traducteurs, apprivoisez vos bêtes noires
(Lacunes et ressources du français)
(Translators, tame your pet peeves
[Gaps and resources in the French language])

Current experience

Since Apr. 2024
Hedgehog Dryer, Inc.
Online proofreading
Online proofreading services
Since Jan. 2024
Usine C
Translation services from Spanish to French
Since Nov. 2023
Ville de Montréal
Revision services
(studies/press releases)
Since Sept. 2023
Translation and revision
Translation and revision services
(newsletters/press releases)
Since Aug. 2023
Sleep Country Canada
Translation and revision
Translation and revision services
Since July 2023
BCF Business Law
Translation services
Since June 2023
Revision and proofreading
Revision services (marketing/packaging)
Since May 2023
Translation and proofreading
Translation and revision services
(marketing/case studies)
Since May 2023
Red Barrels
Translation services
(press releases)
Since Feb. 2023
Marmon Industrial Energy & Infrastructure
Translation services (HR/communications)
Since Feb. 2023
Syndicat des Métallos
Revision and proofreading
Revision services
(magazines/press releases)
Since Jan. 2023
Legal translation
Translation services
Since Dec. 2022
Popeye’s Supplements
Translation (websites)
Product/item translation services
Since Sept. 2022
Signé François Roy
Creative translation
Value proposition and creative translation
(promise to sell/slogans)
Since Aug. 2022
Trois fois par jour
Proofreading services
Since May 2022
FCB Montreal
Revision and translation
Revision and translation services
Since May 2022
James Bay Tourism
Revision and proofreading
Revision services
(CETN publications)
Since Oct. 2021
Moment Factory
Translation and revision
Translation and revision services
Since Sept. 2021
(Septième Production)
Revision and proofreading
Revision services
Since Sept. 2021
TUX Creative Co.
Translation and revision
Translation and revision services
Since Sept. 2021
Translation and revision
Translation and revision services
Since Aug. 2021
Normandin Beaudry
Translation and revision
Translation and revision services
Since July 2021
Revision and proofreading
Revision services
Since June 2021
Revision and proofreading
Revision services
Since Feb. 2021
Habo | strategic studio
Revision and proofreading
Revision services
Since Jan. 2021
Revision and proofreading
Revision services (surveys)
Since June 2019
Revision and proofreading
Revision services
(banking/finance/real estate)
Since Oct. 2018
Salon du livre de Montréal
Revision and proofreading
Senior reviser and proofreader
Since Nov. 2017
Apogée Language Solutions
Revision and proofreading
Revision services (technical/FCM/gov.)

Past experience

August 2023
Saint Columba House
Translation and revision
Translation and revision services
2022-Dec. 2023
Keller Williams Prestige
(Jaclyn Rabin Realty)
Translation services
2022-Dec. 2023
Translation services
2022-Dec. 2023
Académie des Autonomes
Revision and proofreading
Revision services
2022-Apr. 2023
Translation services
2021-Dec. 2023
Revision and proofreading
Revision services
(training documents)
2021-June 2023
RWS Group
Revision and proofreading
Revision services
2011-Apr. 2021
SDL International
Proofreader and reviser
Marketing team + Trainer for new employees
2021-Sept. 2021
Espresso communication
Revision and proofreading
Revision services for various Web articles
Sept. 2021
Postech Screw Piles
Revision and web check
Revision and web check services
2018-July 2019
For the Government of Ontario, McDonald’s and Ace
2011-Apr. 2012
Social Media Manager
Creating and managing the Interligne community
Sept. 2011
Groupe Ville-Marie Littérature
Publishing assistant
Manuscript reading and analysis
2009-Aug. 2011
Ministère de l’Éducation,
du Loisir et du Sport
Correction of argumentative texts
(college level)
2002-Aug. 2010
N2-N3 position
Customer service and trainer
2008-Dec. 2010
CLIC Network
Teaching French as a second language at the National Bank
2006-Aug. 2009
WorldTop Inc.
Advertising manager
Advertising copywriting for various platforms
Since 2004
Volunteer work
Cybermentor – Book field


Irina Zakharova

Maxime is actually one of the best specialists in the localization industry (FR-CA). We’ve been working in the same company for about 6 years and Maxime took care of proofreading/reviewing projects for my clients. All tasks assigned to Maxime were completed on time or even in advance and quality was always good. One very important feature to note – is that Maxime can adapt quickly to non-standard client’s requirements and has no issues adjusting procedure/output for very specific projects. Great experience overall and I wish Max all the best in his future endeavors!

Project Manager, RWS

Régis Houpert

Over the years, Maxime showed that he possessed the qualities needed to take on increasingly responsibility within the team, all the while standing out with his client focus, team spirit, and commitment. If you’re looking for a reliable, quality-conscious professional to proof and review your work, I recommend Maxime wholeheartedly. (2/2)

Manager (2011-2015)

Régis Houpert

I was Maxime’s manager for several years at a world-class translation agency. His responsibilities included linguistic validation of websites and proofreading for major clients in the banking, financial, automotive and agri-food industries, among others. His job required great attention to linguistic, typographical, and functional details, working under pressure and solving problems quickly to meet ever-tightening deadlines, and communicating effectively with collaborating linguists and with clients. (1/2)

Manager (2011-2015)

Anna Krizova

From 2012 to 2016, I was on Maxime’s team at a major language-services firm in Montreal. I was a translator, and he was a proofreader, so we often worked together on the same documents. Maxime was an excellent team player, both reliable and professional, and a pleasure to work with on a daily basis. As the queen of careless mistakes, I relied on Maxime, who was my safety net, so to speak. (1/2)


Anna Krizova

I’ve always admired his ability to spot even the minutest error within a text. Nothing escaped his eagle eye. I knew that any text entrusted to his care would be flawless, which is why I heartily recommend his services. What’s more, Maxime has a great way with words. He’ll rework and polish your sentences and deliver content ready for publication, on time and with a smile. (2/2)


Cathie Pearson

We’ve been working with Maxime since 2017. We greatly appreciate his professional work and his timely delivery of the mandates we entrust to him. With Maxime, we never have any doubts: we know he always produces great work and always honours his commitments. We look forward to working with him for many years to come!

General Manager, Apogée Language Solutions

Marie Deschene

Thanks to Maxime for being a man who makes the French language more inclusive. Thanks for not being stuck in the 15th century! I really appreciated Maxime’s efficiency, attention to detail and comments, which helped me fully understand all the proposed suggestions and corrections. I’d like to state – boldly – my appreciation for working with him!

Founder, Académie des Autonomes

Jacinthe Gillet

Working with Mr. Collins was a real pleasure! His communication skills and extensive knowledge of the French language are undeniable qualities. I learned a lot from our exchanges. I look forward to working with him again.

Linguistic proofreader and editor

Francis Jutras

I was very pleased with the professionalism and quality of the deliverable produced by Maxime Collins Inc. I was thrilled to present it to my team, and even shared it with my fellow strategists and account managers, because I was so pleased. Can’t wait to get client feedback! Thanks for everything!

Account Manager/Strategist, Communications and Marketing, SFR

Célia Courrance Thurmeau

Working with Maxime was a tremendous experience! He is reliable, fast, detail-oriented, and generous with his suggestions for making life easier. He provides his clients with great value. Always accommodating and good-humoured, Maxime is an undeniable asset to the translation process!

Project Manager, TRSB

Matthew Barrington

Maxime has perfect command of the French language. He has incredible method and enthusiasm. I have no hesitation in recommending Maxime for the work he has done!

Director, Customer Service and Marketing

Pierrick Tourigny

Maxime is completely redesigning one of our transactional websites that includes more than 3,000 products. Maxime is professional and understands his clients’ reality. He does great follow-ups, he’s always available and, above all, he does terrific work. Thanks for the great job!

Marketing Manager, Popeye’s Supplements (Quebec and Maritimes)

Pavin Parmar

I have worked with Maxime since September 2016 at the same company, placing internal projects with him, and, since April 2021, I have been using his services as an external vendor. He is a dedicated worker who always goes the extra mile to make sure his projects are completed on time and with the best quality. He is very flexible, always willing to help out, and, moreover, is an efficient communicator who will let you know the progress of the projects he takes well ahead of time, especially if there is a problem that could jeapordise the deadline. I recommend his services to anyone who needs them, as they will not be disappointed.

Team Leader, Resource Coordination

At a glance

– Content review in both French and English or in either language separately
– Proofreading of packaging (cereals, bars, frozen foods, soups, desserts, frozen treats, snacks, and other products)
– Marketing for multinational food service and pet food companies
– Coordination of a translation team of some 30 experienced specialists (French and English)
– Full-time in-house resource: certified translators/revisers (communications and marketing) with more than 10 years’ experience
– Web review (banking sites, recipe sites, workout product sites, blogs for new parents, and more)
– Review of advertising pitches for various agencies
– Text editing, including magazine and press release copy, for trade unions
– Review of content posted on social networks, such as X (Twitter), Instagram, and Facebook
– Review of keywords for Google ads and other outlets
– Review of TV commercials (banking services, real estate services, pharmacies, cosmetics, yogurt lines, Mexican products, vegan and vegetarian products, cereals, and more)
– Review of tenders, sell sheets, bids/quotes and reports for various marketing agencies (theatre, music, video games, digital arts, and more)
– Review of reports for the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)
– Text, audio and video review (TD Bank)
– Proofreading and web check for American Express
– Review of financial statements as well as investment and insurance documents for Desjardins, CIBC, Manulife, SNC-Lavalin, BMO, National Bank, Royal Bank, and other institutions
– Content review for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)
– Technical proofreading for LG, Stantec, CSIA, Hockey Canada,, and others
– Content review for the governments of Quebec and Ontario
– Senior reviser for Salon du livre de Montréal
– Spot checks for Canada’s largest polling company (Leger)
– Text adjustments for inclusive writing
– Expertise in review of First Nations documents/studies
– Volunteer work: Academos Cybermentorat – Mentor (since 2004)